A First Time Escort Meeting

Many people have tried las vegas blonde escorts, and when they do so for the first time, they get a bit nervous. I know I did. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the first meeting. I had usually gone out with women who I had met through other friends, but this time was different, because I was meeting her without someone else setting up the whole thing. Of course, this came with a plus side of me being able to select exactly who I wanted. I saw a woman on an escort website that I really wanted to meet, so I contact her and made arrangements.

I went to the store and bought some new clothes and some cologne for my meeting with the escort. I didn’t really need to go that far for the meeting, but I wanted to look and smell my best. You only really get one chance to make a good first impression, so you might as well go all out if you can. In the previous dates that I had, I’ve done similar things, but not to the same degree. A lot of thoughts were running through my mind about how my meeting with the escort would turn out.

I met with the escort at a restaurant that I picked out. We talked for a bit before ordering dinner, and we had a pretty good time. The escort and I had a lot of things in common and we were having fun laughing at each others jokes. We went back to my place and had a great time that night. I won’t be in Las Vegas for a while, so I won’t be able to meet with the escort, but the next time I come, I’ll be sure to look her up because she was a lot of fun.